Happy New Year!!!

PhotoGrid_blogToday is the first day of 2015, and just like every year, 2014 seems to have flown by. It was a good year mostly. There was some trouble at the beginning but overall it was amazing.

Here are some of my wins of my 2014

I probably forgetting some stuff but nonetheless I can honestly say this was my best year so far. I did more new things this year than ever before. I also realized this year how many people care about me. The love I received on my birthday was almost overwhelming. Not only do I have my immediate family but I have a large circle of friends and coworkers who’ve become my extended family.

I don’t usually make New Years resolutions but this year I am. My only resolution will be to write more. Hence this blog. I want to use more of my time for my passion. I don’t know exactly what 2015 will hold but I know with God above me and my loved ones beside me it will be everything I want and more.


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