Girl, Alternative

Picture it, a high school classroom in 2007, there’s a girl sitting near the back of the class ear buds in her ears and nose deep in a book. Now picture another girl sitting next to the first girl reaching over and pulling out one of her ear buds.

“What are you listening to?” she asks. The ear bud is not even completely in her hear before she pulls it away. With a very shocked and confused look on her face she stares at the girl.

“What is that?” she she says.

She wasn’t expecting the heavy guitar riffs she’d heard coming out the ear bud.

The girl snatches her ear bud back and says.”A rock band I like.”

She continues to stare with that surprised look.  

You might wonder why was she looking at the girl with such surprise? Well the girl listening to the music was black and so was the other girl. Some of you might say so what she’s black and she listens to rock music? Well I’m hear to tell you that blacks listening to rock isn’t really a common thing. I still hear things like “That’s white people music.” or “Do you think your white?” Just because a majority of rock music are white artists doesn’t mean I shouldn’t listen to it. And that doesn’t make it a “white music”music is universal, it’s for everybody. I love all kinds of music, and I do mean all kinds. From country to techno and everything in between. Growing up it seemed I never fit into the box of the typical black female. I wasn’t listening to the music they were listening too, going to see the movies they were seeing, or even dressing like they were. While they were out partying I was in the house watching old black and white movies on TCM. I shared that story to say that society is always going to try to put you into a box. Okay you’re a black female of a certain age that means you should like hip hop and acrylic nails. Or you’re a white male from the south you should be interested in country music and hunting. But we are more than the stereotypes that the world pushes on us. I will never be what the world expects me to be, and I’m okay with that. It took me awhile to get to there, but I can really say I love being me.

Just for fun here is the actual song I was listening to when that girl pulled that ear bud from my ear.

Author: Tawni

Tawni is a California girl currently loving her life in Atlanta,GA. When she isn’t daydreaming or buried in a book, you’ll find her brunching with friends or seeing her favorite bands. As an aspiring writer and lover of all things creative, she hopes to inspire people to not only "exist" but live purpose filled lives.

5 thoughts on “Girl, Alternative”

  1. Very true. Some stereotypes are so reinforced they can seem impossible to break, but the truth is every one of us is unique.

    And I totally applaud your taste in music, that song is amazing.


  2. I love that your such a free spirit and not ruled by societies standards or stereotypes, your a lovely young lady and I’m proud of you!


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