We Should Wait

I thought you were beautiful before.

You’re exquisite now.


You’re looking right at me.

Into my very soul.


Seeing all that I am.

And you still love me.


And I love you.

I want to know more.


I want to experience you.

Hold on to you.


I want to count every mark on your body.

Every scar, every mole.


I know you’re perfection.

I know you’re the one.


If I don’t know anything else.

I know that.


We’re alone.

And I know I should leave.


But I don’t.

I really need to leave.


But I can’t

You’re pulling me in.


I love you.

I want to explore you.


I know the time isn’t right.

We should wait.


You know, I know.

God knows.


We should wait.

So walk me out that door.


While I’m still thinking straight.


If I was a different person.

But I’m not.


We need to wait.

So I must leave.


But know I’ll be dreaming of you.

Every single night.


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