The Road Back

I remember the last day we were together. I was glad the rain had finally let up because I was anxious to leave. I waited for him by the door with my bags in hand, I knew he’d want to say goodbye.

When are you coming back?

I don’t know.

He hugged me awhile while we stood on the porch, but I didn’t hug back.

Do you love me? 

I couldn’t bring myself to lie to him again.

You said you loved me up there.

I still said nothing, just looked down.

Go. Just go.

And so I went. Loading my things into the car I took a mental inventory making sure I had everything. I knew I would not be returning. This detour in my life was now over. And as I made the long journey home great relief came over me. I was on the road back to where I needed to be.


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