For The Love of Sunday’s

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Because that’s the day I take my Sabbath and I get to rest from life. My mind is not clouded with troubles. I don’t think about the expensive car repairs, or the lack of funds. I don’t think about the fast approaching deadline of that paper I haven’t started, or how the homework seems never ending. I don’t worry about how lately it feels like I’m just getting through life instead of actually living it. And the fact that the only time I feel like I’m doing something right is when I’m writing or putting a smile on a child’s face. I don’t think about how there just never seems to be enough time in a day or how I’m running on only caffeine and a prayer. I don’t think about any of that, I just think about how amazing God is and that He will see me through all of it. I think about how His word says trouble doesn’t last always. I think about how He is my peace. I think about how all this that I’m experiencing is for a reason. I rest in His presence on Sunday’s knowing He is watching over me.


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