Writing 101: 400 Words

400 words, well if I don’t think I have ever written 400 words on this blog. But here goes nothing. I’m realizing through Writing 101 that I not all interested in fiction. Especially if I have to base it on my own life. I’m not that interesting, I guess. Or maybe I just really like completely creating something out of nothing. There was a time when I was could have definitely seen myself doing fiction for the rest of my life, but now I don’t know. Poetry or prose is more my lane.

90 words in and I’m stumped. This is harder then I thought it would be.

Why I love poetry

I love poetry because its simple yet so effective. Isn’t it amazing the emotions it evokes in you. I love that there’s so many different types and kinds. Even from a young age poetry can have an effect on you. Shel Silverstein proved to be a favorite of mine as a kid. I would try to memorize them, I’d read them over and over. Sometimes I feel bad that I’m not super well read on all the great poets out there. But I know who they are and that’s good enough right?

Ok so I’m half way through. Now I remember why I don’t free write very much. Do they really expect me to post this? I need a prompt or something. 400 words, who has the time?


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