The Thing About Challenges

At the beginning of this month I started a 30 day writing challenge. I was super excited about it, I’m going to write everyday for 30 days! It’s going to be so amazing! Well I got to a whopping day 6 before I fell behind. I realize now that there are two things you need for a writing challenge, time and discipline. Neither one of those things do I have in abundance. And so here I am nearly at the the end of June and I’ve only done 6 days. This is exactly why I was reluctant to start a writing challenge. But I thought for sure June would be wide open. What I didn’t account for was how tired I would be after work, and of course some unplanned plans sprung up. Well I have 2 choices, abandoned the challenge or continue. What to do, what to do? One side of my brain says you’ll never finish it anyway just abandon it. But the other side says you never finish anything! Finish it! Well while I wait for both sides of my brain to come to a decision I am not sure what the next post will be. Stay tuned….


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