Writing 101: I Write Because…

Its God’s gift to me,

Three years ago I was desperate for a passion, something I could really care about, but I felt like I wasn’t good at anything. I didn’t think I was a creative person. But one morning the sun rose on my passion, literally.

I was at work and I was watching the sun rise out of the window and it was so beautiful I had to write about it. Then I started writing about all kinds of things, then I started journaling, then blogging. Now I have so many interests that I can’t figure out how to pursue them all.

Writing was a door to many blessings. Now I know I can never stop, I can never let it go. It is apart of me, apart of who I am. When I’m not writing I’m not thriving. Now if I can get a habit going of doing it everyday I will be set 😉


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