Would You Rather: Bookish Edition

Books are a big part of my existence so I had to play…

I love the game “Would you rather” and was glad to see a book lover version over at Annie Likes Words blog. Books are a big part of my existence so I had to play myself.

Would you rather…

Read only stand-alones or trilogies?

Depends on the genre. I love when suspense or fantasy novels are trilogies but a good piece of contemporary fiction is better a stand-alone.

Read only male or female authors?

I don’t mean to be sexist or anything but almost all of my favorite books are by female authors so, female authors.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Amazon hands down. Their prices are better for print books as well as e-books. Sorry not sorry Barnsey but I’m on a budget.

Have all books turned into movies or television shows?

Last year this would’ve been a harder choice , but after seeing what Hulu has done with The Handmaids tale and what Netflix has done with Anne with an “E” I’ve got to say TV show.  A well made TV show gives that plot more time to unfold and slowly pull you in the way a book does. In the movies sometimes great scenes from the book are cut because of lack of time. And if the character isn’t narrating the movie like they are in the book then it’s hard to know what’s going on in their head. Take The Hunger Games for example. In my opinion Katniss on screen came across as cold and robotic. In the books it isn’t like that, you get to know what she’s thinking and feeling, she’s much more relatable.

 Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

I LOVE to read, but 5 books in a week? My heart and mind couldn’t handle it. I fall in love with the characters, they become like my friends. I grieve with them, laugh with them, I can’t connect with 5 books worth of characters in a week. 5 pages a day is actually too little for me but if I had to choose.

Be a potential reviewer or author?

Author, duh. It’s been my dream since I could read.

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or read new ones you’ve never read before?

New ones, I’m not a huge re-reader. I’ll go back to a book and read passages but not the whole thing. I love discovering new books and authors I’ve never read before, it’s exciting.

Be a librarian or a bookseller?

Bookseller. Libraries will always have a special place in my heart but frankly they’re a little uptight. I know all the library lovers are cursing me right now but I’m okay with that. I have dreams of owning my own quaint indie bookstore, where I sell new and gently used books for the cheap. I’ll be like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail except I won’t sell only children’s books and I won’t accidentally fall in love with Tom Hanks online.

Only read your favorite genres or read every genre except your favorites?

I like a variety of genres so I think I’ll be okay only reading them.

Only read physical books or e-books?

This is a tough one. I love them both! E-books are very convenient, you can read them whenever wherever in low light or sunshine. On the other side there’s nothing like having an actual book in your hands. The feel of turning the pages, the smell, it’s bliss! There are books I’ve read as e-books that I want to buy the print version of just so I can have them in my collection. There’s certain pride you feel when you finish and put it on the shelf. So I guess I’m going to have to go with physical books.


So there it is, “Would You Rather” Bookish Edition. That was harder than I thought! Book lovers what do you think? I said some harsh things, shall I be excommunicated from the community??


Author: Tawni

Tawni is a California girl currently loving her life in Atlanta,GA. When she isn’t daydreaming or buried in a book, you’ll find her brunching with friends or seeing her favorite bands. As an aspiring writer and lover of all things creative, she hopes to inspire people to not only "exist" but live purpose filled lives.

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