Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format


Dear Kardashian family,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that your entire lives have become a media frenzy. Sorry that you can’t leave your home without cameras watching. Sorry that your kids will never know a normal life. Sorry that every tweet, snap chat, and Instagram picture is scrutinized and commented on thousands of times over. Sorry that the way your earn your living is by staying under the unforgiving public eye.

I bet you never saw this coming when you first decided to let cameras into your home 9 years ago. I remember that first season, you were a lovable blended family that gave me a modern day Brady Bunch feel. There were antics and laughing, that made me want a big family of my own one day, if only for an hour. Compared to Paris Hilton the reigning reality queen of the time you all seemed a lot more relatable.

These days the you’ve become an American dynasty. Even when the cameras have stopped rolling your lives are still a source of entertainment. From the sex tape to the sex change millions of us are tuning in.
Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside of you? What happens when you do get that private moment? Do you regret letting those cameras in? Do you regret depending on your image for income?  Do you worry about the day when you’re no longer relevant? Or what’s going to happen to Kendall and Kylie being young socialites with money to burn? History says they’ll become reckless party girls who will waste their money on booze and lawyers for their multiple DUI’s. How will you keep them grounded when they’ve grown up on TV?

Some say that I shouldn’t feel sorry for you. That this is exactly what you want, you love the attention, the glamour, and the money. I don’t doubt that. I think apart of you does love it, but I also think apart of you hates it. You were pulled in by the fact that you could just “be yourself” and make a sizable income. But now you see what the consequences are of living your lives on display, but what can you do? This is the way you live.

So I end this letter asking you to not lose your perspective. Hold on to what’s real, knowing that your fame has a shelf life. I don’t want to sound harsh but it’s true, America is fickle. You’ve fought a good fight though. You’re active on social media, have clothing lines, make up lines, fragrances, and of course the TV show. But it won’t last forever. And just like fame has a shelf life so does beauty. In our world beauty is everything, so the moment that goes the cameras will go too. I caution you to build something that will not crumble with the loss of surface level things like fame and beauty. Build something that will stand the test of time.


An Old Fan.








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