15 Small Things That Make Me Happy

After a long hiatus it’s time I dust off this blog. So for my first post of 2019 I wanted to go with something light and joyful. Sometimes when I can’t seem to shake off the sadness I think of things that can make me happy, small things that lift my spirit. So maybe today you find yourself slightly down, I hope this lifts you up.

1.The first sip of coffee in the morning. Green Mountain’s Breakfast Blend is my personal favorite

2.A great opening line in a book. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

3.Songs about love. A lot of the greatest songs ever made are about love.

4.Random texts from old friends.

5.”The End” in an old movie. After you’ve been holding your breath in anticipation of every moment the entire movie, those two words let you know that you may breath now.

6.The first “I love you”.

7.Learning cool new facts about someone I’m already a fan of. Did you know that Audrey Hepburn helped the Dutch Resistance during WWII by smuggling secret messages in her lunch box?

8.Waking up and realizing it’s the weekend.

9.Going salsa dancing. 💃🏾

10.Lunch with my coworkers. Where I get all of my tea. 🐸

11.Rainy days at home. Preferably with a cups of tea, and Netflix.

12. Nineties alternative rock. Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt, 1995.

13.The podcast “The Read”. They keep me abreast on black culture while also keeping me laughing from my soul.

14.The laughter of a child. Who doesn’t love the sound a little kid laughing?

15.A bottle of good wine. Paolo Saracco Moscato d’Asti, 2016.

Just Another Lonely Girl: An Introvert’s Struggle



I’m an introvert, which means I re-energize by spending time alone, and that I enjoy my own company a little bit more than the “average” person. I have known this about myself for a while and I’m okay with it. Despite my introversion I have managed to find a few close friends, and I’m okay with that too, well somewhat. For the past 2 years I have found myself feeling I have had too much alone time. In other words I’m lonely (cue the violins). I have a hard time expressing this because I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me but I felt it was important to put it out there. It’s been floating at the back of my mind for too long.

My lonely isn’t the lonely you’re probably thinking it is. I’m not in the house staring out the window watching life happen. I go places, concerts, festivals, etc. but when I go I am alone. I could be surrounded by people but it’s like I’m the only one there. My friends, though I love them dearly, share only about 40% of my interests. I have no one in which to share my some of my biggest passions with.

I thought that if I got out there and did the things I loved to do I’d eventually make connections with others who did the same, but it hasn’t happened. Like many introvert’s I struggle with making and maintaining friendships. Sometimes the interactions are awkward and forced, it’s stressful so I just avoid it.It’s rare that I even meet a person that is potential “friend material” and when I do it seems they aren’t really looking for any new friends.

So after another summer of mostly solo experiences I can feel myself starting to retreat from the world. I don’t look forward going out because I am going alone and I am tired of that. I do look forward to winter because there will be less things going on.

I’m curious to see if there is anyone else out there who has experienced this.
What do you do when no one loves what you love? Or likes what you like?
How do you find those genuine connections?


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Everyday Inspiration, Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

We’re all so busy aren’t we? We keep our calendars filled from sun up till sun down with activities whether work or social. We rush from place to place always in a hurry, gritting our teeth in never-ending traffic.

train station

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We’re all so busy aren’t we? We keep our calendars filled from sun up till sun down with activities whether work or social. We rush from place to place always in a hurry, gritting our teeth in never-ending traffic.
Then at the end of the day we complain that there is still not enough time and not enough money to do everything we want to do.
Our minds are programmed that they must always be busy doing something. Even in our down time we entertain our minds with Facebook and Instagram or any other app that can keep our attention. We want nothing to do with having nothing to do, so we keep going and going until our stress levels are so high that we are forced to stop.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why do we place our rest and state of mind in last place?

I find myself these days yearning for something else. A change a pace or scenery because I’m so tired of the grind. Traffic in the morning and the afternoon and the evening. Traffic all the time. All the emails, texts, chats, because someone is always talking. Someone always wants something, needs something, or demands something of you.
I feel as if I am holding the entire world together with just glue and string because I am barely holding on. For once I’d like to wake up not feeling burdened by obligation. Not feeling like I’m only surviving but not thriving.

How does a girl escape her own world?



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I Think I Wanna Marry You

But I came to the conclusion that there experience will not be my experience because I am not my mother and my husband will not be my father. We will be two new people in a new union


Marriage to me is like what Santa Claus is to an aging child. The world is telling me that I need to let go, but I’m still holding on to the dream.
The concept of marriage has been swept aside as some archaic tradition of the old world. It seems no one has anything positive to say about it. Whenever it comes up around the office it becomes a marriage bashing session. But then there’s me still holding on to hope.
I’m a romantic, and so to me marriage is a declaration of life-long love. You’re promising to love one person until you die, in front of God and all your loved ones. How beautiful is that!?

Marriage hasn’t always been about love in the past and still isn’t in some parts of the world. They were pretty much business transactions between two families, and the actual bride and groom didn’t have much choice. Well, sometimes the groom had choices but for the bride marriage was the only choice. There wasn’t many options for a woman to make an income of her own.
Now in our modern society a woman can support herself without the help of a man. So that means marriage can be whatever we want.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under the impression that marriage is a cake walk. If it was divorce wouldn’t be so common. I’ve seen first hand what a unhappy, unhealthy marriage looks like. My parents divorced then got remarried and now there in this married but not “together” thing. It’s definitely not the kind of marriage I aspire to have. Despite all of their issues I still believe a happy marriage is possible, though for a moment there I doubted it. But I came to the conclusion that there experience will not be my experience because I am not my mother and my husband will not be my father.We will be two new people in a new union.  I won’t let their unhappiness rob me of my future happiness.
In fact I’ve learned from them how important it is to marry the right person, for the right reasons.

I will always fight for the sacred bond that is marriage. In the meantime I’m still looking for my exception to the rule, someone who wants to prove the naysayers wrong and take that leap with me.

Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can’t help but smile on it.

-Josh Billings



I want to hear from you. Your Mom & Dad’s marriage was nowhere near perfect, so how do you feel about marriage now?


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I Want To Know

blog pic 2


I want to know what makes you tick

What makes you angry, what makes you sad

I want to know what gives you joy

What do you live for and who would you die for

I want to know the things that no one knows

What keeps you up at night

I want to know those secret dreams

What drives you

I want to know who was the first person you ever loved

And who was the first person to break your heart

I want to peel away at the layers of you

I want to know, are we kindred souls?


I Should Be Sleeping

I’m going to so something I never do, write an impromptu blog post. Like right now, no editing. I literally just got this idea like 3 minutes ago.
I’m avoiding sleep, Lord knows I’m tired, but I don’t want to go to sleep. This quiet time alone in my room are like little vacations for me. That’s because they’re the only time when I don’t have anything to do… well except for sleep… But besides that I can just lay here and be quiet. And no my life isn’t endless agony or anything close to that but I am an adult and that comes with RESPONSIBILITIES. Sometimes I just want a little time to not think about what I have to do tomorrow and just lay here in peace.
Maybe it’s small protest against the “Establishment.” Or maybe it’s dumb and I’m just sabotaging myself. I’m open to that option as  well.
Anywho… I suppose I better wrap this up, that clock is ticking away. Goodnight world!!

A Walking Paradox

It was like she moved within two planes of existence.  She was constantly flipping between both planes, not knowing which one to live in. Loving her was like loving two women at the same time. Each day I came home to her I did not know which woman would be there. She was wild but well-mannered, selfish but selfless, confident but insecure, kind but cold, fragile but firm. 

Dorina Costras

Still, what I loved most was when she was all of those things at the same time. When she melded the two sides of herself together, it was there she became gold. Not second guessing herself but embracing every paradox within her, it was there she shined like the sun. That’s how she was when I fell in love with her. 

The Dreamer

I am the dreamer, in my world there is always hope, there is always beauty, there is always happiness. I need someone who believes in me and my dreams, if you want me you can’t be too practical. You have to see the beauty that is the world around us. I realize that there is ugliness in the world too, trust me I do. I have seen it and experienced it, but I refuse to focus on it. My soul won’t stop hoping. I admit from time to time when I am overwhelmed I flee into a void of hatred of all things. But deep down I still hope. I hope so much it hurts. So laugh at me, write me off as naive, that’s okay I’ve heard it before. But while you waste away in your “practical” existence, I will be the one actually livingdreamer


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