“A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self”

Word of warning it’s not going to go the way you think it is, so whatever ideas you have about what your life will be like at 25 throw them out of the window. It’s not going to happen. Don’t panic though, it’s all good.

Yours truly at 16


Dear Tawni,

Your 25th birthday is coming up very soon, wow, quarter-life. Well let’s just hope there’s no crisis, honestly I think you went through that at 23. Also what was our 16th birthday like? I honestly don’t remember. Anyways I bet I know what your thinking right now as you roll the memory around in your head. I have no life and no friends, I wish my life was like Lizzie McGuire or some other teenage heroine. I feel for you, but please know it’s going to get better. So don’t worry about what those douche bags at school think, trust me they don’t matter one blip to your life. You feel  you’re lacking in some ways in comparison to them, but your not. Most of them are making terrible choices right now that will effect their lives in the future. Pity them, don’t envy them. Your not the average teenager, your an onion, you have lots of layers and that’s great. It’s what’s going to make you the woman we are today.

Word of warning it’s not going to go the way you think it is, so whatever ideas you have about what your life will be like at 25 throw them out of the window. It’s not going to happen. Don’t panic though, it’s all good. It took you awhile to figure out what you were doing but you made it, thank God. Literally, thank Him. If not for him I don’t know who we’d be right now. A flipping hot mess I assume. I kind of wish I’d known him when I was your age, maybe things wouldn’t have been so hard. Oh well there is no turning back only going forward.

So let me tell you some hopeful things about our future. Firstly, we have friends and a social life! Finally, someone other than our parents knows how funny and clever we are. We have passions and hobbies! Yes, we write, we go to beacoup  concerts, we’e creative, and we like kids! Who knew?! Our taste in music is super eclectic and awesome. We’re still a bit of a loner and introvert, doesn’t look like we’re going to grow out of that. But it’s okay we love that now. We’re not as shy as we used to be, we’ve made 5 speeches and public speaking no longer makes us sick. Not to say that we’re completely cured of our social anxiety though. I felt a little anxiety just asking for the wi-fi password in this coffee shop. That’s another thing we go places on our own now, like coffee shops and restaurants. We no longer give a crap about the opinions of strangers in public places. If you haven’t guessed already, yes we’re still single. Quality guys are still a rarity sorry to tell you but you know it’s going to take a very special man to keep our attention. We’re still figuring out this whole being adult thing, but Dad, Mom and our friends are helping us out. It is not what it’s cracked to be, it’s tough. But you get to call your own shots and that has yet to be unsatisfying.

So how are you feeling about life now? Are you excited yet? Well get excited because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. From now on every time you look in the mirror remember that you are beautiful, talented, loved, and that there’s a great big world out there waiting for you to put your stamp on it.

Love always,

Me ❤


Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format


Dear Kardashian family,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that your entire lives have become a media frenzy. Sorry that you can’t leave your home without cameras watching. Sorry that your kids will never know a normal life. Sorry that every tweet, snap chat, and Instagram picture is scrutinized and commented on thousands of times over. Sorry that the way your earn your living is by staying under the unforgiving public eye.

I bet you never saw this coming when you first decided to let cameras into your home 9 years ago. I remember that first season, you were a lovable blended family that gave me a modern day Brady Bunch feel. There were antics and laughing, that made me want a big family of my own one day, if only for an hour. Compared to Paris Hilton the reigning reality queen of the time you all seemed a lot more relatable.

These days the you’ve become an American dynasty. Even when the cameras have stopped rolling your lives are still a source of entertainment. From the sex tape to the sex change millions of us are tuning in.
Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside of you? What happens when you do get that private moment? Do you regret letting those cameras in? Do you regret depending on your image for income?  Do you worry about the day when you’re no longer relevant? Or what’s going to happen to Kendall and Kylie being young socialites with money to burn? History says they’ll become reckless party girls who will waste their money on booze and lawyers for their multiple DUI’s. How will you keep them grounded when they’ve grown up on TV?

Some say that I shouldn’t feel sorry for you. That this is exactly what you want, you love the attention, the glamour, and the money. I don’t doubt that. I think apart of you does love it, but I also think apart of you hates it. You were pulled in by the fact that you could just “be yourself” and make a sizable income. But now you see what the consequences are of living your lives on display, but what can you do? This is the way you live.

So I end this letter asking you to not lose your perspective. Hold on to what’s real, knowing that your fame has a shelf life. I don’t want to sound harsh but it’s true, America is fickle. You’ve fought a good fight though. You’re active on social media, have clothing lines, make up lines, fragrances, and of course the TV show. But it won’t last forever. And just like fame has a shelf life so does beauty. In our world beauty is everything, so the moment that goes the cameras will go too. I caution you to build something that will not crumble with the loss of surface level things like fame and beauty. Build something that will stand the test of time.


An Old Fan.







Writing 101: Reinvent The Letter Format

To: My Musemuse


Who would’ve thought you would come to mean so much to me, and to my art. I don’t even remember when I first met you but suddenly you were there smiling at me. You have no idea the ways you have inspired me. Your kindness, your strength, your heart have pushed me to reveal what is truly within, holding nothing back.

Our love may not be unrequited or furiously passionate like other artists have had with their muses. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t love. It’s a mutual adoration and trust of which I’ve come to rely on. You are a comfort on a particularly dreary day, and I feel safe with you. I don’t know how long we will stay like this, but I intend to enjoy every moment.

I want you to know that you’re more than just a “regular” guy, you are a jewel of a person. So don’t let this world dull your shine my dear. I am praying for you.

Love Always,

Tawni ♥


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