why?Why do we get attached to the wrong people? Why do we show our hearts to people who won’t understand us? What is it about the impossible cases that attracts us? We think for some reason the we can be the deciding factor in someones heart but we can’t, only God can. I think its because we are desperate for someone to understand us, so we won’t feel alone. But speaking from experience it is a less painful feeling being alone than it is to have your heart thrown back at you. As much as it hurt I had to come to the realization that that relationship had to change whether either of us liked it or not. No one likes to here that basically they are not good enough for you, but that’s what it was, as long as I was tangled up with him he’d drag me down to his level. And so I guard my heart from those who can do nothing with it.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

The Road Back

I remember the last day we were together. I was glad the rain had finally let up because I was anxious to leave. I waited for him by the door with my bags in hand, I knew he’d want to say goodbye.

When are you coming back?

I don’t know.

He hugged me awhile while we stood on the porch, but I didn’t hug back.

Do you love me? 

I couldn’t bring myself to lie to him again.

You said you loved me up there.

I still said nothing, just looked down.

Go. Just go.

And so I went. Loading my things into the car I took a mental inventory making sure I had everything. I knew I would not be returning. This detour in my life was now over. And as I made the long journey home great relief came over me. I was on the road back to where I needed to be.

Letter To My Loves

Valerie Sjodin  www.valeriesjodin.com
Valerie Sjodin

My heart weeps for my loved ones who have not thought about their eternity. There is so much in the them that could be used. But it’s staying hidden away. My heart hurts for my sweet birds that are still caged, let the One with the key set you free. He wants to see you fly not fall. I must stress to you my dear ones that this world is false, and will not last forever. Don’t put your faith in it, instead put your faith in something that is forever. Something that cannot crumble. I love you so much, as you know. But I have felt a love so great that nothing will ever compare. I want that for you, I want to see you flourishing. I want you to have that ceaseless peace, that unhindered joy. Forget about who you were, and start thinking about who you can become. Despite what the world may say people do change. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. He has the power to transform you into something you never believed you could be. Come on my family, let Him in! He’s waiting for you!

Love Song of the Week

This weeks song is my first country music post. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of country music. But I have to admit that country music has some of the most beautiful lyrics. In this weeks song “I need you” by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw the lyrics aren’t especially amazing but they’re perfect for a great love song in my opinion, they’re simple and sincere. The song is mostly metaphors of things that go together or need each other, and that’s how they need each over. The video is also simple and sincere. Faith and Tim are sitting in a candlelit room singing while looking into each others eyes. I just swoon everytime I see it. So here’s the video, hope it pulls at your heart strings the way it does for me.

We Should Wait

I thought you were beautiful before.

You’re exquisite now.


You’re looking right at me.

Into my very soul.


Seeing all that I am.

And you still love me.


And I love you.

I want to know more.


I want to experience you.

Hold on to you.


I want to count every mark on your body.

Every scar, every mole.


I know you’re perfection.

I know you’re the one.


If I don’t know anything else.

I know that.


We’re alone.

And I know I should leave.


But I don’t.

I really need to leave.


But I can’t

You’re pulling me in.


I love you.

I want to explore you.


I know the time isn’t right.

We should wait.


You know, I know.

God knows.


We should wait.

So walk me out that door.


While I’m still thinking straight.


If I was a different person.

But I’m not.


We need to wait.

So I must leave.


But know I’ll be dreaming of you.

Every single night.

Love Song of the Week

Today’s song is actually a cover of a classic. “Lovesong” by Adele, the original is by the English rock band The Cure. Don’t get me wrong the original captured me the moment I heard it, but Adele brings a jazzy/bluesy element to it that makes it easier to dance to. This would be a very good first dance song at a wedding. It’s so sensual who wouldn’t want to hold someone close while listening to it. Now whether you prefer the original or the covers the lyrics are still the same. With every line the singer is describing how much better he is whenever he is with this person. He’s fun ,clean, whole, free, and young. And then he promises that no matter what happens between them he will always love that person. Check out this great lyric video and let Adele whisk you away.

What if Loving You Is Wrong?

I’m afraid to fall in love with you.

I’m afraid to write poems about you,

I am afraid to let you occupy my mind.

What if we’re not meant to be together?

I’m afraid to give my heart to something fruitless.

We walk very different paths, what if they were never meant to join?

The vulnerability of your heart draws me in.

You are so mysterious in your ways, I can never figure you out.

But I’m afraid to look deeper, what if loving you is wrong?


What’s hidden between us? Nothing. There is not a detail of my soul that is unknown to you. Or a dream in my heart that hasn’t been revealed to you. You know the true meaning behind all of my expressions. All the different versions of my laughs. You know what scares me the most, and what makes me ecstatic. Even in silence we speak to each other in a million little ways. The looks and the smiles saying what words cannot.