We’re Alive!



Because of the cross I have target on my back.

So do what you need to, I’m never going back.

Fight it all you want, my God already won.

I call His name in victory, it’s already done.

I’m alive I’m alive, I tell you I’m alive!

You can try to kill me but I will never die.

I’m alive I’m alive, I tell you I’m alive!

You can try to kill me but I’m alive in Christ!


“So what do you want to know?”

“I want to know all your dreams and hopes. And not the ones you tell the world, I want to know the ones that whisper to you late at night. The ones you think are unattainable. That’s where your true self hides, and that is the girl I want to know.”

“Are you sure you want to know her? She’s kind of a mess.”

“I’m sure.”

“The dreams I hide I’m afraid are a bit selfish. Yes I do want to do my part to help the world. But if I also want to delve in all the beauty of the world, and forget the ugliness. I want to see beautiful museums of France full of wonders of the old world. See the sunset on the beaches of Bali. Explore the old temples of Thailand. Stand at the edge of the cliffs watching the endless ocean in Ireland. I want my camera, my notebook, and my passport to be the tools of my life. I want to be devoted to my creativity. I, I’m…..”

” It’s okay.”

“I’m afraid that I’m letting all that is special about me wither away and that by the time I get around to this dream life my passions will be dust.”


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