Lakin Ogunbanwo
Lakin Ogunbanwo

We belong together in another time and place
in another dimension in an alternate life
somewhere where our hearts are free
clear to sing love unchallenged
not caged by circumstance
somewhere where we
can just

(c) Tawni Winns 2015

Fix Me

I have done it again.

I have loved the wrong one.

One whose heart and mind are not in sync.

One whose thrashing against the waves instead of flowing with them.

One whose eyes are not towards heaven.

Why am I drawn to the one room hearts instead of the ones where love can grow? 

Surely it will be the death of me.

How many times can a heart be reconstructed?

How many times can it close for repairs?

Fix me dear God because I’ve grown tired of this foolish heart of mine.

(c) 2015 Tawni W.