In The Still Of The Night

There was smudged eyeliner streaked down my face and my lips were stained from red wine. Telltale signs of a night gone horribly right. 


Hello Friends! So I don’t usually post fiction on my blog but fiction novels is what began my love for writing.  I day dream about one day writing a novel. I imagine I’d be in my office (which I don’t really have) wearing a fabulous pair of vintage style cat-eye glasses focused intently at my laptop. My husband (don’t have one of those either) bringing me tea & coffee and telling me not to work too hard. Maybe one day that will be real but until then…
What you’re about to read is actually based in truth. It’s a collection of late nights I’ve had all meshed into one. That’s what I love about storytelling, you can amplify the best parts of real life.

I hope you enjoy it!

In the Still of the Night

I woke up surprisingly rested that morning but when I looked in the mirror it told a different story. There was smudged eyeliner streaked down my face and my lips were stained from red wine. Telltale signs of a night gone horribly right.

We’d spent hours on the dance floor letting the sounds of samba drums stir us into fever. We moved like one body. I knew every move you were going to make and I followed instinctively. Though the dance floor was crowded it seemed they all faded into the background. It was just you, me, and the music. We left at some point, I don’t know when, and found ourselves parked in front of my apartment. You didn’t want me to go in and neither did I, so we stayed in your car. We talked about everything and nothing. Telling each other about the best and worst times of our lives, followed by the most embarrassing moments of our school days.
We jumped from genre to genre; first belting Bon Jovi and Guns n’ Roses then crooning Sade and Anita Baker.

And at times we sat silently, observing the raccoon’s as they scavenged for food. I laid my head on your shoulder and watched the way your chest rose and fell, the sweet smell of whiskey on your breath.
A blanket of stillness enveloped us, cozy and inviting. 4:00 am had came and went, and 5 was fast approaching. I knew if I didn’t get out of the car then that we’d soon be watching the sunrise. So with a sweet kiss we said goodnight and good day.

I tumbled into bed still dressed except for my heels. Laying there I waited patiently for the text to tell me that you had made it home safe. It was night I would not soon forget, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The End 


*photo by Matthew Wiebe


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