About Me

Who am I?

That’s a complicated question. What I know for sure is that I am a twenty-something originally from San Diego, CA currently living in Atlanta, GA. I’m a creative soul who loves reading, writing, and anything else that gets those creative juices flowing.

As for the rest that’s yet to be known. I’m still trying to find my place in the world and where I’m headed within it. I’m fleshing out my faith and discovering what I truly believe. I’m navigating the murky waters of mental health. I’m attempting to love myself despite my flaws. I’m deciphering what I genuinely want from what others want for me. And I’m doing my best not to overthink the future and appreciate every moment.

I began this blog to give a voice to the things that keep us up at night. The issues we don’t always share but linger in the back of our minds. If my vulnerability will help another person feel a little less alone then I’ve done my job.

As always thanks for reading.


Tawni ❤


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